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Magic Shop 

Alektrik Crystals is an energy wellness brand created by Alexis J Alvarez, CCH, LPC, RM. The mission of Alektrik Crystals is to help you achieve a deep sense of well being- mind, body & soul. Shop below for magical wellness goodies & intuitive readings, distance Reiki sessions & more!

AETHER Crystal Mist  - 2 fl. oz. -  $25 
(plus $5 flat rate shipping)

A smokeless way to smudge your sacred space & cleanse your crystals!  

AETHER is named after the Greek personification for the air that the gods breathe. This combo of purifying Sea Salt, grounding Frankincense, invigorating Juniper Berry, and cleansing Lemon work together to clear your space of any unwanted, stagnant, or negative energy. 

Each Crystal Mist is energetically charged, Reiki-Infused and also contains actual crystal chips of Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline & Rose Quartz (which all work to dissolve negativity and increase happiness & harmony in any space).   

Intuitive Reading MP3  -  30 min - $40

Are you looking for a bit of divine inspiration or some advice from the Universe? Do you struggle with the answers to questions like: What's my next move? Should I follow a certain path? What part of myself needs the most healing now? How can I manifest what I desire?  

If so, allow me to sit down, connect with your higher self & spirit guides, and intuit what the Universe wants you to know.

For each 30 min reading, I will combine a variety of oracle cards, pendulum work, & stone divination to interpret your divine message.  
All readings will be recorded in an mp3 format & delivered to your email in 2-4 days. 
Signature Energy Wellness Kit  -  $147

A perfect wellness add-on to your energy healing sessions! Indulge in this personalized service & manifest your intentions that much faster! After you complete a short energy assessment & 30 Minute Clarity Call, I will create for you a custom blend of certified organic essential oils, botanicals & crystals all aligned to what you want to manifest. Now you can literally bathe in your magical intentions!

This kit includes :
8oz Bath Salts, 15 ml Crystal Body Oil, & a 2 oz Crystal Aroma Spray
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