Energy Work can assist in all areas of health since physical ailments & emotional distress can manifest as a result of energetic imbalances. Alexis is trained in how to recognize and remedy these energetic imbalances within your bio-energy field, utilizing the subtle energies of crystals, light, sound & Reiki. 

Crystal Reiki

on Modrn's Sensory 7 Light Therapy Bed
$170 Initial Consult & 45 Min Treatment
$140 Return Client- 45 Min Treatment 

This session is for those who are trying to alleviate specific mental/emotional distress & physical pain- as well as increase their spiritual development. It is also great for healers, body workers & energy workers of all kinds- as it helps to remove all unwanted & stagnant energy from your bio-energy field. Experience this immersive energy work session that combines far-infrared heat, chromotherapy, Orgone & Scalar energy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing & Reiki Therapy. I tailor every session- crystals, colors & frequencies used- to help manifest your specific intentions. <<CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CRYSTAL REIKI HEALING>>
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Lights, Salt & Sound

Chromotherapy, Halotherapy & Sound Healing 
$140 Private 45 Min Treatment 

The salt room is yours for this treatment. You lay on a yoga mat on the heated Himalayan Salt Crystals and breathe in the detoxifying salt throughout your session. You can learn more about the many benefits of Halotherapy, HERE. Meanwhile, I surround you with Quartz Crystal singing bowls & use a combination of signing bowl, tuning fork & tuning pipe sound healing to relax the mind & bring balance to the energy body. The walls of the salt room will also be changed according to what energy center you want to send focused healing to, and can cycle through all colors, serving to balance your entire bio-energy field. Leave this session feeling rested, rejuvenated, and refreshed! 
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Interested in setting up a private healing session in a Salt Room? Let me know!

I can host your next small gathering (6ppl max) in Modrn Sanctuary's Salt Room. I usually combine a mixture of Sound Healing, Color Therapy & Reiki in these Group Healing Sessions. Prices vary, shoot me a msg now!
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