Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Reiki sessions are clothing-on, minimal contact therapy sessions where beautiful crystals are placed on & around the body in geometric layouts to encourage energetic health, dispel mental/emotional distress & balance the major energy centers (chakras). I also use targeted chromotherapy (colored light energy) & channel Reiki (life force energy) to the entire body to promote self-healing, inner peace & utter relaxation. 

Crystal Reiki healing helps re-align energetic frequencies and removes emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body since energetic imbalances can end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. Crystal healing and regular chakra balancing promotes good health via physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

Every client must complete an Intake Form (including an Energy Assessment) before we even meet. 
Each sessions is not to exceed 60 minutes (about 45 minutes on the table with up to 15 minutes of consultation). 

60 Minutes / $100 

During a Session...

First, you will take off shoes, jewelry, belts, everything from your pockets and lay down on the table face up. Before we begin I do a silent meditation for myself to invoke my Divine Support System and lead you through a short meditation that will help you relax & connect to your higher self.

Then I do an energetic body scan to find any additional blockages not discovered through your assessment. I proceed to check & balance each major energy field (chakra) with a combination of pendulum work, chromotherapy, crystal healing, and reiki therapy. I focus on what we discussed during your consult as well as focus on any blocks or imbalances I find throughout the session. Once the crystals are placed, I may leave you alone for about 10 minutes to allow your energy field to entrain to that of the crystals.

At times, emotions arise during a crystal healing session as Reiki and crystal healing can release both physical and emotional blockages in the body. These releases can be physical through the body (for example, stomach rumbling, gas, or burping, feelings of electricity or energy moving in the body), or emotional (crying or laughing), or spiritual (feeling outside of your body, vivid visualizations, astral traveling). Please know that these kinds of releases are normal and expected, though do not always happen. Your session will be most beneficial if you release any judgement or self-consciousness. What happens in session stays in session.

After a Session...

At the end of the treatment I make certain you are grounded before getting up from the table. We then have a short chat to discuss any issues that have come up in the treatment, answer any questions, and I will sometimes suggest self-help techniques you can use at home.

Right after a session I bring you water & ask that you increase your water intake for the rest of the day to wash away the toxins that the energy flow released. You will feel much lighter since your energy field was re-worked and blocks dissolved. If you had a headache or felt sluggish before a session, those feelings often lessen or disappear all together. Upon leaving, you may feel tired and will sleep well that night. Very often you may get a runny nose or feel like a cold is coming on a couple of days after a healing. These are signs of detoxing. Continue to drink water & eat healthy. 

You may not feel the energy flow as described if it’s your first session or first experience with crystals, but trust you received the positive effects of the energy work even if you weren’t consciously aware of it. Continue to be conscious of any seemingly immediate changes in your mental state, physical health or everyday life, as the energies from this Crystal Reiki session stay with you for a while. Many clients find that one treatment is enough to shift old patterns or finally clear a childhood issue. Others come regularly to manage ongoing health or emotional problems, or gain support through intensive allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy. I leave repeat sessions up to you, as you are the best person to know what you need.
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