Crystal Grid Magic

If you've always wondered about Crystal Grids now is the time to jump in & learn! 
Join me as I introduce you to the precise quantum magic of grid work & sacred geometry. Learn what crystal grids are, how they work, and everything else you need to know about creating your own!


Our Next Series Starts on December 5th!

  • Have you heard that we're all connected but need more proof to really FEEL it? 
  • Are you "half-ass manifesting" and KNOW you need more energetic oomph but don't know how to muster it?
  • Do you already trust in the healing power of crystals but want to learn how to really use their MAGIC? 
  • Like, seriously... WHY are you using that shape? Do you know? Let's find out...   

 In this Crystal Grid Magic TM 3-part workshop you will learn every magical step needed for you to create your own powerful crystal grids. You will also learn the science behind how it's even possible to be able to influence events or co-create your reality by using grid work. 

The last day to register for this virtual course is: December 3rd, 2017


How do Crystal Grids work?

•What exactly is a "crystal"?
•Platonic Solids- the basic building blocks of life and why they matter.
•Sacred Geometry Magic- metaphysical properties of ancient shapes and when to use what. 


Setting up & Activating your Grid.

•How to create crystal clear intentions.
•Selecting & sourcing crystals for your grid.
•Step-by-step guide to setting up & activating your very own crystal grid.


Practical Magic with Crystal Grids

•Custom grid recipes for healing, abundance, enhancing spiritual energy, protection, prosperity, legal luck, getting a job, finding love & more.
•Get answers to your specific questions!


Crystal Grid Crafting Session

•Private intuitive reading/support via Zoom (One 1-2 hour session)
•We'll talk about what your intentions are, what you are trying to manifest, and what may be holding you back.
•I'll use intuitive guidance and my crystal know-how to help you develop a POWERFULLY POTENT grid recipe intended to dissolve any blocks &  manifest your deepest soul desires! No More Guesswork!
I'll also make you a special Crystal Mist that aligns with your intentions & send that out to you! 

Save your spot now for only: 
Crystal Grid Magic TM  dates:

Tuesdays, December 5th, 12th & 19th at 2pm EST 
(hour can be changed if another time works better for the group)

Each class is held LIVE but is also recorded for your convenience.
What You're Getting:
  • 3 LIVE classes
  • Step-by-Step PDF guide & supporting materials for each class
  • Over 15 grid templates
  • Practical Grid "Recipes" to create magic in your every day life 
  • AND a 30 minute Alpha wave sound track to get you talking the universe's language quickly & easily. 

Join live and get all your crystal questions finally answered by an actual Certified Crystal Healer & Crystal Reiki Master! I like to keep my classes small & intimate; spots are limited so I can make sure you get the support you need & all your questions get answered. Please make sure to save your spot now! 

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