7 Ways to Equalize your Energy for the Equinox

  • By Alexis Jasmin
  • 20 Sep, 2016
WTF is the Equinox?The Autumnal/Fall Equinox marks the start of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere and the halfway point between summer and winter. In Latin, the word equinox translates to "equal night." Because the Fall Equinox is also so closely tied to farmers' new harvests (a lot of the food we grow is naturally done at this time of year), it is celebrated all over the world in the form of Harvest Festivals. Like Thanksgiving, for those of us in the States, which represents the
WTF is the Equinox?
The Autumnal/Fall Equinox marks the start of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere and the halfway point between summer and winter. 
In Latin, the word equinox translates to "equal night." 
Because the Fall Equinox is also so closely tied to farmers' new harvests (a lot of the food we grow is naturally done at this time of year), it is celebrated all over the world in the form of Harvest Festivals. Like Thanksgiving, for those of us in the States, which represents the feast and gratitude for all that was harvested this year.
Ancient cultures even named the Full Moon closest to Fall Equinox the "Harvest Moon". Ours just past, September 16, 2016. Its brightness used to help farmers (and still does today!) to bring in crops after sundown.
As summer winds down, the fall season is a time to embark on change and reflect upon your own “harvest” of sorts -- what you’ve taken in and what you need to let go of. For healthy balance will put you in the correct vibration to ensure ultimate success   
Fall Equinox = Harvest Time
In the UK, Harvest Day is celebrated close to the Fall Equinox. China's Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated on the night of the Harvest Moon, and is a festival of honoring family unity. In fact, people have celebrated the idea of "harvest" for millennia, all around the world.
In ancient Greece, Oschophoria was a festival held in the fall to celebrate the harvesting of grapes for wine.
In the 1700's, the Bavarians came up with Oktoberfest, which actually begins in the last week of September, and it was a time of great feasting and merriment, still in existence today. 
Not only is the fall season in its entirety celebrated, but the day of the Autumnal Equinox is a mythical event all in its own, It holds great astrological and metaphysical importance!  
In Greek mythology, goddess Persephone returns to her husband Hades in the underworld, on this specific day of "equal night". Thus the fall season begins -- a ritualistic time to seek protection and a clean slate on which to start a new and fresh season. For the Japanese, Autumnal Equinox Day is even a national holiday, and a day to be rid of evil spirits and remember their deceased beloved. The Neo-pagan holiday celebrating the Fall Equinox is termed "Mabon",  and it is when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest.
For many Pagan and Wiccan traditions the Autumnal Equinox
(September 22, 2016) is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. It's a time of plenty, of gratitude, and of sharing our abundance with those less fortunate. For finishing up old projects and plans and planting the seeds for new enterprises or a change in lifestyle. Mabon is a time of celebration and balance. This is the time to look back not just on the past year, but also your life, and to plan for the future. In the rhythm of the year, Mabon is a time of rest and celebration, after the hard work of gathering the crops.
Warm autumn days are followed by chill nights, as the Old Sun God returns to the embrace of the Goddess. The passing of Mabon is inevitable and The Sun God should be mourned. We too, must remember that all things must come to an end. So the Sun God journeys into the lands of winter and into the Goddess' loving arms, but endings are a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and take part in the balance of life!
Before you begin working with Mabon energy, do this stabilizing breath technique. You can use the little clock to help you take count.  
Take a deep breath in to the count of 4. Gently hold your breath for 4 counts.Then exhale slowly for 4 counts. Repeat 3 more times. 
Using the symbolism of 4 (the stable square) we can bring ourselves back to a state of calm and balance fairly quickly. This centers and focuses you for the next task at hand.
Here's SEVEN ways to celebrate that can help you balance your energy levels and give gratitude for your abundance!
These can be done in small or large groups or individually.
1. Create an altar. This can be on a dining room table, hearth, or dresser with apples, leaves, pinecones, corn, pomegranate, squash, and root vegetables. Add gardening tools (scythe, baskets, hand trowel) and objects that are the colors of gold, orange, red, bronze, and rust. Light a white, gold or yellow candle and give thanks for the blessings of abundance you have in your life. Light a black or silver candle to represent the long nights that lie ahead. (Always remember fire safety when working with candles and never leave a candle burning unattended!) Setting up altars help us both consciously and subconsciously create sacred spaces for ourselves in which we can cultivate and amplify the specific type of energy frequency we are trying to attain. In this case, balance and gratitude. 
2. Ask for blessings. When lighting your candle, you can call to the Goddess in her Mother aspect and/or ask the Green Man or the Sun to bless your harvest. Place Citrine crystals or a Pyrite cube nearby to amplify the energies of abundance and prosperity.
3. Do apple magic.
 Apples are often harvested in the fall and represent Mabon. Cut an apple horizontally to reveal the hidden, five-pointed star (a pentagram) inside. Look for pentagonal forms around you (ex. five fingers and five toes, five petals of certain flowers, starfish, etc.) Check out some Apple Magic Rituals here.
4. Listen to music. Music is a wonderful way to get into the mood of Mabon! Songs by Lisa Thiel, Steven Halpern, the Reclaiming Tradition, and S.J. Tucker are especially evocative. Dance and sing along too! This helps balance the throat chakra, an energy vortex through which all other energy centers express. If this chakra is blocked, your other chakra centers will become unbalanced as well. And that is not the Mabon spirit! 
5. Meditate on balance. This is especially helpful if you are a family caregiver, but also if you have a high-stress job, pressure-filled commute, or have a lot of personal drama. Reflect on how you handle pressure, how you manage your and other people’s emotions, and how easily your peace of mind can be disrupted. Think about ways you can reduce stress and bring more balance to your days. Consider going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to get a jump on the day, practicing non-violent communication, eating more healthily, and eliminating unhealthy relationships. You can meditate for only 5-10 minutes thinking of the above sentiments. Do not dwell or judge yourself or others. Simply be in the awareness of how you balance things in life.  
6. Pray for peace.In a world out of balance, praying for peace and stability — including a stable climate — can be especially potent during Mabon! Send out those good vibes to your fellow neighbor, because we can sure use em!
7. Use crystals!Crystals are a great tool to help you get into specific energetic vibrations. If you are in need of balance or simply want to vibe with that Mabon energy of equality then sit and meditate with a stone. Sit with green flourite to bring a sense of focus and clarity to your emotions, to help you balance matters of the heart. Use a Citrine to bring balance your ego and your spirit. Citrine can also be used to balance your nervous system. Sitting with Amethyst can bring you mental balance. It helps to calm mental chatter and bring wisdom.  This is also a great time to schedule any type of energy healing session or alternative medicine therapy. Since most modalities are based on equalizing and bringing balance to the energy field, the energy of Mabon will only accelerate your results. Click here to schedule a session with me! Hurry before I run out of appointment slots for the fall! 
So, now you're all ready to go in for Mabon, or Autumnal Equinox, or the first day of Fall... Or whatever your heart desires to call it. May you go forth and reap your abundance, be grateful for your successes, and learn from your shadow moments. May all your future plans come to fruition and your dreams turn into your reality. Everything you receive is for your highest good. So mote it be!  
Peace, Love & Light!
-Alexis Jasmin
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