About Alexis

Hey Beautiful People! I'm Alexis. 
Welcome to Alektrik Crystals. 

As an Intuitive Energy Worker, Spiritual Advisor, & Life Purpose Coach my goal is to 
help you de-stress the body, re-balance the mind & re-connect to your higher self. 
Growing up, I've always had a deep interest in all things metaphysical, magical, and scientific. As I got older and connected more dots, I realized that we are creatures of balance & must strive for balance-- mind, body & soul-- continuously. When we are not balance (or aligned) a lot of unwanted crap can manifest, like: negative self-talk, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, skin or digestive issues & even physical obstacles in our life stopping us from getting what we want. These are like warning signs from our body & the universe, screaming at us to balance and heal specific parts of our lives. Believe it or not, energy work & building a strong intuition is part of it all (you know... mind, body AND soul)! Making sure we are always energetically on point helps us manifest our greatest desires with ease!

In realizing this for my own healing journey, I created Alektrik Crystals & made it my mission to help others regain a peace of mind, release stress & tension, rewrite messed up thought patterns, & re-connect to their truest selves, on a deep & magical soul level. I have now had more than two decades of practice in the metaphysical realm of energy healing & divination and have been an artisan my whole life. I use many different therapies, technologies, services & experiences (like magical courses & energy healing retreats) to reach the goals of every client. I create & sell products to help you manifest your intentions & give you higher vibe guidance. I help you transmute unwanted energy into something for your highest good!

Everyone is different and each healing journey is unique, so let's get you to where you want to be. Let's get you in complete ALIGNMENT with your true self & your soul's desires  Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you wish to work with me privately, in a healing session, intuitive reading or one-on-one coaching. 

Thanks for visiting! Peace, Love & Light. 

Professional Qualifications:

Certified Life Purpose Coach- Transformation Coaching, Inc.
Certified Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Crystal Healer- Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy
Crystal Healing Diploma- School of Natural Health Sciences
Sound Therapy Diploma- School of Natural Health Sciences
Colour Therapy Diploma- School of Natural Health Sciences
Holistic Skincare Product Creation- School of Natural Health Sciences
Professional Intuitive Reader- World Metaphysical Association
Board Certified & Registered Metaphysical Provider- World Metaphysical Association
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