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Services I Currently Offer

Crystal Reiki Healing

$100/60 Min at Vivas Spa & Salon Only
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Immersive Energy Therapy

The Immersive Energy Therapy session was created by Alexis and is something you will only find offered by Alektrik Crystals. 

This session adds far-infrared therapy (with a HealthyLine Amethyst & Tourmaline FIR heating mat), essential oil diffusion, & sound therapy work to a basic Crystal Reiki session. Boosts the immune system, relaxes tight/sore muscles, encourages detox, reduces inflammation, rejuvenates & energizes.

$130/75min at Vivas Spa & Salon Only 
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Your Powerful Purpose TM

Have you been feeling stuck with no direction & no clarity on what to do next? Do you lack passion for what you do on a daily? Are you searching for your true purpose or calling?

Are you ready for a magical, life-transforming experience? Then, allow me to guide you through this 1:1 life purpose coaching & energy healing intensive that will align you to your Powerful Purpose! You know you're destined for greatness. Now uncover the mysteries of your soul's code so you can manifest the life you want!
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Latest News

Salt & Sound Bath at BREATHE Salt Rooms

I am humbled to offer group sound healing sessions at an amazing value of only $50 (with pre-registration), in New York's premiere BREATHE Salt Rooms.  Sit back, BREATHE & just relax as you are bathed with healing sound therapy theta wave music while I chime along with my special frequency tuning pipes & tuning forks. 

Similar to a gong- but less intense, my tuning pipes deliver you to a peaceful & relaxed state while the special frequencies activate your body's self-healing mechanisms and help balance your energy centers. All while the Dry Salt Therapy you'll be experiencing through the session works to beautify your skin & detoxify your lungs! Get ready to melt into a truly healing & deeply restorative session! 

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Salty Crystal Reiki at Modrn Salt NYC! 

Join me on Monday, November 27th for this special workshop at Modrn Salt room in the Nomad district of Manhattan!
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Crystal Grid Magic TM 3-Part Virtual Workshop

A second series of my Crystal Grid Magic TM  workshop will begin in December running on Tuesdays, December 5th, 12th & 19th! Each class will be LIVE & recorded.
Join me as I introduce you to the precise quantum magic of grid work & sacred geometry. Learn what crystal grids are, how they work, and everything else you need to know about creating your own! 3 LIVE classes, a PDF guide, over 15 grid templates, practical grid "recipes" AND a 30 minute Alpha wave meditation to get you talking the universe's language quickly & easily. 
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Upcoming Energy Healing Retreats

Check back for news on the 1st ever Alektrik Crystals Energy Healing Retreat! Dates & locations still to be announced...

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